Running Funk

With summer comes heat.  If you are lucky enough to live in Texas, then you know that August heat is no joke!  The past month I have been trying to beat this funk that I am in.  Now, I try to run 2-3 times during the regular work week on my lunch break and then maybe once on the weekend.  I’ll admit I need to work in more runs, but here we are.

Ispeed 70 oz Sport Hydration Pack

Ispeed 70 oz Sport Hydration Pack

For the last month I have really only gotten in 1 or 2 runs each week.  I bought a hydration pack thinking it would help me ward off the heat a little bit enough to get back into the swing of things.  But two things happened there.  One, it did not make me want to run any more, or any less.  Secondly, the one time that I did use it, I realized that I did not buy the right one for me.  I should have invested the extra $15 for one that had the two chest straps.  Let me tell you ladies, if you have a chest you need the straps!  Otherwise, you will have this bag of water bouncing around on your back like a two-year old who doesn’t know how to hang on during a piggy back ride.  All the while try to escape down your shoulders like a bra after an 18 hour day at the park.  Did I mention that all of the movement reminds you that no, you have not experienced chafing everywhere you thought possible!  Needless to say I need to find another hydration pack and use this one for plain walking or hiking when there is less bounce to my step.

It's heating up in Texas!

It’s heating up in Texas!

So here we are in August.  I’ve tried to commit to a race per month all year-long.  I have indeed accomplished that so far (except for June, but to my defense I did 2 in February).  As of today I have only one more race already paid for, and it is in November.  I am hoping that by then with the cooler temps I can PR at that race.  But until then I need to keep training.  So today will begin my lengthy way of searching for a race for August.  I like to stay relatively close to home.  It helps when you have a 4-year-old in tow, so my mom can come with and watch him watch mommy do great things for herself and teach him healthy habits and commitment in the process.

So how do I get out of this funk?  I’m hoping with the new month I can figure that out.  I have my clothes with me today in the car.  Already had a protein bar in the last hour so it will be good and digested for me when I head out the door around 1 pm.  I am having to remind myself that running at 1 pm in the afternoon is different from running at dawn or dusk.  Also, that with this heat getting 3 miles in is okay.  Part of my funk has come from not being able to get my normal 6 miles logged.  The other part is all mental!  As a runner, you will read quote after quote about getting past your mental blocks, that your body is capable of more than your brain will allow you to believe.  To some extent I concur, but How pray tell do you get out of your own way!?!  I guess like I have done every other time.  Register for a race, to put some pressure on.  Then get out there and sweat!

run with question

How do you get out of your own way?  How do you change-up your routes enough to satisfy your need for new scenery?


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Just a mom, daughter, sister, runner, and friend navigating through everyday life. Trying to find my way, leaving a positive impact in those that I am fortunate enough to be close to.
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