For the Love of Family & Friends

I am still trying to get out of my running funk.  Went for a run Monday and today.  Felt good to get out there and get more than the 3 miles that have been come my norm as of lately.  I don’t think I will be signing up for a race for the month of August.  Not that I haven’t been running in the heat of the day, but I am exhausted and have a few other things on my late that are taking priority.

N’s dad is doing the Valero Bike Bike MS, being held in October will be in San Antonio this year. He will be participating along with the Holt CAT Team. This is important to him, as his uncle has battled this for about 20 years. If you are interested on seeing how you can help, please follow this link: Bike MS.

Bike MS

Bike MS

Along with that N will be starting Pre-K next week.  I am excited and scared for him.  Trying to get him excited, since he is not one that takes a change in his routine easily.  Plus that means earlier mornings for both of us.  Have I told you that I am NOT a morning person!!  But I am positive that we will adjust.  It may just take a few weeks.



During one of my latest run I have been thinking about my family and friends.  How long has it been since you received a hand-written letter or card?  How did it make you feel?  I cam across this site the other the say that was about The World Needs More Love Letters #MLL.  I love this concept but starting thinking about my family and friends who would love to receive a card or letter in the mail as well.  As much as I would like to write to a complete stranger, I feel like I would get more satisfaction from writing to someone that I love.  I made a list of friends and family.  I am hoping to send a letter a week.  I will pick the name at random and send a card or letter.  My other thought is that I wonder if some of my younger cousins under the age of 14 have ever received a card or letter in the mail that wasn’t for their birthday.  That feeling that you get when you get something like that is completely different than when you get an email.  I have added all of them to my list of names as well.  I will let you know how it goes.  I may even write a few #MLL to strangers and leave them to be found.  But mine will be called Love Letters from the Heart #LLftH.  Try it and let me know how it goes for you.  I have a feeling that you will be pleasantly surprised!


About minic00

Just a mom, daughter, sister, runner, and friend navigating through everyday life. Trying to find my way, leaving a positive impact in those that I am fortunate enough to be close to.
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One Response to For the Love of Family & Friends

  1. Alice Janell says:

    PreK! How do they grow so fast! Noa is doing PreK work (cause I bought her a workbook), but due to her birthday, she won’t officially start til next year. But still, it’s crazy how time flies.

    Love the idea of writing letters! I think I might have to try that, too. I think I will do both family and strangers. I like the idea of possibly brightening a stranger’s day with a simple letter. Sometimes we don’t realize how many people are sad/depressed or lonely, and I think a letter could be a simple, yet powerful way to lift someone’s spirits up.

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