Yoga, the Bag Challenge & New Beginnings

Sometimes the way life works itself out, my runs don’t happen as often as I would like for them to.  Friday’s run got nixed so we could take N to meet the teacher at his new school (he has now started Pre-K).  A weekend long run go pushed aside as we finished back to school shopping, cleared the garage, gathered garage sale donations from family members and took a private yoga class.  Then Monday rolled around and we got to experience the first day of school.  Not all of you know that I try to run during my lunch hour Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a potential long run on the weekend.  Therefore, Friday and Monday did not happen for me since I did not take a lunch break and instead took a few hours from work each day to enjoy a new frontier with N.

In no way am I complaining, simply setting the stage and holding myself accountable to not only you, but myself as well.

I am trying to create my own images for this site. Give me time, I'll get better!

I am trying to create my own images for this site. Give me time, I’ll get better!

N’s dad has been having some issues with tightness in his hips, glutes and hamstrings.  Recently one of my girlfriends earned her yoga teaching certification.  Put one and one together and I thought maybe doing some yoga targeted at his trouble areas could really help him.  As a runner with occasional pain and tightness in my hips I figured anything she did to help him would help me too.

Guess what?  I was right!  My friend did an amazing private class for us in her home.  we both came out feeling relaxed, stretched and with new found knowledge of ways to help our weary bodies.  If you live in the DFW metroplex, please go try one of her classes!  Tina Ward typically instructs yoga classes at Summit Gyms.  Please tell her that Amanda sent you, I really think that you will lover her and her style of teaching.

As the weekend went on, we started gearing up for the garage sale that we will be having August 29-30th.  My mom with her brilliant ideas suggested that we issue a Bag Challenge to our family and friends.  Basically we challenged everyone to grab a bag and fill it with 10 items, advise me when it was ready for pick up and she or I would come for it.  You see, N’s dad is participating in the Bike MS in October and I am running in the Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk in November.  Proceeds from our garage sale will go to these two charities as part of our fundraising efforts.  We have already had a great amount of response from family and friends willing to help us with garage sale donations.  I am so appreciative, as I know that some people may want to help but cannot financially.  This provides them a way to help while de-cluttering before the holidays!

Pre-K 2015

Pre-K 2015

Monday has now rolled around, and we have experienced our first, first day of school drop off.  We were proud that N, mom and dad all did well.  No crying for any of us.  He was excited until it was time for us to leave, but we were told within 5 minutes he was back to his normal happy self!  He told us how the well the day went and was excited to go back today.  Until…. that moment when I pulled around to the drop off and he realized I wasn’t going in with him.  The look on his face made my heart hurt and feel like I was doing something wrong.  But I know I must let him grow and not helicopter over his every move.  Nonetheless it was still very emotional and hard for N and me both.

What ways do you help stretch out your running pains?

What other methods do you use to help fund-raise for an even that is important to you?

Did your little one start school yet?  How did their first day go?


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