It’s Here, It’s Here!

I am screaming from the roof tops!  I am so excited!  My journey to better health physically, mentally, and nutritionally is starting!  On Monday I begin my PiYo Challenge.  I am ready to make healthy changes and show you every step of the way how I am doing it.


So why am I screaming “It’s Here!”? Well simple of course, my Challenge Pack arrived!  My PiYo DVD set, plus the bonus Hard Core on the Floor PiYo DVD and my Shakeology packaged is in my hot little hands.


So many good things are about to happen for me.  I can just feel it!  So a Challenge Pack is basically a DVD set and a month of Shakeology.  This provides you the tools needed to get started on your way to success.

Many people I speak to are looking to get physically active, but seems that they just haven’t found a way to stay accountable to themselves.  Or they have tried other workouts that made them feel they were not physically fit enough to keep up with and got discouraged and gave up.  These are the reasons I want to do PiYo with the wonderful team that I am lucky to be part of.  PiYo is a fusion of pilates and yoga at an amped up pace for fat burning cardio and strengthening.  No jumping, no weights, just hardcore results!


For someone like me who is a bit “top heavy”, this sounds like a dream come true!  When you are a runner the high impact on your chest can take a toll.  If you love it and have the right bra, you make it through just fine.  But I wanted something to help me cross train and strengthen my core, without being so advanced that I feel like I need to wear two sports bras.

Over the next few days I will be meal planning and getting ready for a change in what I eat to help me achieve maximum results.  I am human and I am sure there will be slip ups.  I intend to hold myself accountable.  So here is the plan…  I am going to show you my daily completed workout, and give you a recap of what I ate that day.  Those posts will likely be updated once the following morning to tell you what I had for dinner.  I will also tell you what, if any adjustments I made for my family.  You don’t have to eat everything you serve them (kids), but you should also want to share the nutritious choices you are making for yourself.

What is your biggest challenge when starting to workout and eat right?

What do you do to hold yourself accountable?


About minic00

Just a mom, daughter, sister, runner, and friend navigating through everyday life. Trying to find my way, leaving a positive impact in those that I am fortunate enough to be close to.
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