All I Want For Christmas Is A Muffin Top

Welcome to holiday season!  Growing up in a Hispanic home this means, all sorts of yummy foods in large quantities over the next 45 days!  From Thanksgiving dressing, rolls, and pies to Christmas tamales, rice and Coquito, there is almost no where to turn!  But let me let you in on a little secret… you CAN avoid it if you want to!  And no I do not mean by staying locked up in your home!  Here are a few tips to move you through the holidays with out the new muffin top accessory.

Muffin Top

1. Set Your Goals Now: Studies have shown that when we WRITE down our goals and see them daily, we tend to more closely stick to them and achieve our end result.  Whether you want to eat better, lose weight, or gain muscle definition, WRITE IT DOWN!  Your reason for your goal will be different and needs to be written down as well.  More energy to spend with the kids, vacation body, new year’s eve dress, climbing a flight of stairs without feeling winded.  Keep it with you, make another copy and put it on the fridge and a third copy on the bathroom mirror.  Think about it daily, read it when you are going for the second heaping helping at a family gathering.

Written Goals

2. Don’t Wait Until The New Year: I cannot count how many years in a row I have said “I am going to lose weight this year”.  “I will start in January.”  “It will be my New Year’s Resolution!”  Do these sound like you too?  Do you then stick it out for a few days then in March start with the “Time to get in shape for summer pool parties”?  Part of the issue with this way of thinking is that you are in an endless cycle of doing good and then not doing anything!  Instead how about creating a new lifestyle?  Create habits now that will carry you into the new year and you will be ahead of the game come January 1st.

Why Wait

3. Enjoy in Moderation: By no means am I telling you DON’T eat this or that.  That is a “diet”.  I am talking about a true lifestyle change.  You won’t stick with something if you are constantly yearning for that thing I told you not to have.  I’m not going to tell you to eat off the veggie tray while everyone else is showing down on the Thanksgiving/Christmas spread.  What I am saying is, make your portions smaller.  The first bite is amazing, the second confirms it, but after the 5th bite, you are eating to eat, not for enjoyment.  One way to help with portion is to use a smaller plate.  It will make you look like you have a full plate, when in reality you will have just the right amount to enjoy without gorging and needing a two hour nap!

Tgiving portion control

I love the holidays as much as the next person.  I also contribute to the spread for our family events.  Doing so allows me a freedom to add things that fit my way of eating into the spread and not fall off the wagon when gathering with family and friends.  Following these tips can help you make it through without needing to unbutton the top button of those jeans.  If you want a little more encouragement or motivation, I highly recommend you to join one of my challenge groups.  Email me here for details: or find me on Facebook at Amanda’s Better Body.


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Just a mom, daughter, sister, runner, and friend navigating through everyday life. Trying to find my way, leaving a positive impact in those that I am fortunate enough to be close to.
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